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Recording Information and Communication in One
Web-Accessible Location.
Facilitate information sharing with all of your document recorders by allowing them to plug into your TITLELINK™ account to update your records with courthouse rejection and recording confirmation information in real time, all online!
Access Our Ever-Growing Marketplace of More Than 40 Vendors Who Provide Document Recording Services.
Our marketplace consists of document recorders who have already agreed to update TITLELINK™ with recording information. Our marketplace listings include document recorders' rates and turn times for regular and rush service! 
Track Files Before and After They Leave Your Office.
Assign files to your desired document recorders and never be in the dark about where your files are again. Utilizing our 'File Check-in and Check-out' system, you will be aware of who has custody of your file, whether it's with the recorder or in your office.
Connect Multiple Offices for a Complete Organizational Solution.
Access our 'Corporate Connectivity' feature to view the recording status of files across multiple offices online via a single TITLELINK™ login.
Know if the Recording of a File has Been Delayed.
Access our 'Delayed Recording Report' to ensure that your files are recorded in a timely manner and prevent files from slipping through the cracks. 
Resolve Document Recording Problems.
Attach notes and email communication to records to create a complete recording history for each file.  No more searching for notes and sifting through faxes and emails to piece together why a file has not been recorded.